Hey, welcome to my YA book blog: A Mad Girl With a Bookshelf. I'm sort of guessing that since you're checking out the 'About' page, you want to know a bit about me or my blog, right?

My name is Jennifer but everyone just calls me Jenni. I'm from Perth, Australia and live in an unchanging cycle of eating, reading and sleeping. My favourite colour is grey and I hate strongly dislike a lot of things, including: girls who think they're so much better than others, gum sticking to the bottom of my shoe, the dark/ the lack of light (Are they the same thing? Probably.), people who have a compulsion to txt lyk th1s, realising I have homework due in the next day the night before, strangers who just don't understand the concept of personal space, and the list goes on. 

But to prove I'm not a complete pessimist, here is a list of some stuff I do like:  Reading, listening to music, cookies and cream ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream, any ice-cream actually, re-watching the episodes of Doctor Who that starred David Tennant and Billie Piper, playing tennis or netball (when I feel like getting up), sleeping in during the weekends, not having homework to do, totally owning at something everyone else fails at (rare, rare occurrence), getting a high score on a test without studying, etc. 

Um... Yeah. Feel free to talk to me whenever. I promise not to stalk/injure/do anything hurtful to any of you lovely people. That's all about me, I think. 

So this blog is run by me and was set up just this morning (18th April). Since I haven't really done much with it yet except customise the appearance, I'm just going to tell you what I plan to do with this thing. I'll probably post primarily book reviews and other things relating to books. Any and every book I review will be young-adult or maybe even occasionally middle-grade. That's really all I've got to say so I shall bid you farewell. 

Have a nice day,